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Thank you to all these people for making this conference happen
Brooke Biederstedt
Tony Golobic
Cat Ruch
Brenda Nottestad
Lance Hill
Kyle Price
Charlotte Green
Jim “J” Kelly
Gunjan Seth
Shellie Beeker
Nicole Norfles
Brandon McLean
Tyrza Hoines
Ricardo Sanon
Amy Verlanic
Emma Mooso
Samantha Hill
Angel Manabat
Nnena West
Tisha Townsend
Maronda Robertson
Heidi Hodgson
Cassandra Sundeen
Andy Larson
Kyle Trumble
Phillip Coghlan
Odell Bizzell
Charlotte Green
Ally Garcia
Jessica Dimitch
Adam Maes
Jerrod Murr
Kelly Kennedy
Lori Mattison

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