Presenter/Moderator Training

Presenter/Moderator Training

  • How to Access your Session
    • Links will be emailed to all presenters/moderators (or use the links on the main agenda emailed to all registrants)
    • On the day of your session, someone from UND will start your meeting ~10 minutes prior to its start time.
    • Meetings will have waiting rooms; UND Host will admit the presenter/moderator & promote them to co-host
    • You can get prepped for your session in that 10-minute window (set up screen share, do camera/audio check, adjust your screen, communicate session needs between moderator & presenter)
  • Presenter/Moderator can admit attendees at session start time/when they are ready. UND host is available for tech difficulties.

Zoom Tips

  • Screen Sharing: make sure to select the correct tab to share; make the view of what you want attendees to see full-screen; if you’re screen sharing video or sound, check boxes to share computer audio & optimize for video
  • Video Settings: you’re able to hide non-video participants, spotlight your video when talking, and expand gallery view under this tab
  • Audio Settings: Test your Mic/Speakers
  • Do not use Digital Backgrounds: these can slow down performance for you AND for viewers
  • Moderators
    • Welcome attendees (presenter can too, obviously)
    • Formally begin session
      • See suggested script below
      • Monitor Time – make sure to give a ~5 min warning
      • Share the Session Evaluation form at the end of the session

Suggested script for welcoming session attendees:

Hello everyone! Before we begin, some general housekeeping tips for the Zoom meeting – please keep your mic muted during the presentation unless directed to speak; use the chat box to communicate or ask questions, and please make sure you fill out a session evaluation, which I will be linking in the chat box at the end of this presentation. I would like to say a special thank you to the Doctorate level sponsors of our 44th annual ASPIRE Conference – Student Access, Mastery Prep, Blumen, and Paradigm Shift! Please check out a Hot Topic Session or visit them in the Vendor Rooms to find out more about how their products and services can benefit your program! Welcome to [session title] with [presenter name] – then read session description and speaker bio, emailed to all moderators on Thursday 9/24.