Terrance Hamm

Terrance Hamm

COE Associate VP for Communications and Marketing


Terrance L. Hamm is the new associate vice president for communications and marketing at COE, where he amplifies COE’s brand and mission, and promotes our products and services. Prior to joining COE, Terrance directed marketing initiatives for racial equity and youth, education and families technical assistance at the National League of Cities; managed partnerships and marketing at Learning Heroes; and executed myriad digital media campaigns at Child Trends.

What brought you to COE?

I have always had a strong urge to apply my talents to improving outcomes for youth—a cause about which I’m supremely passionate—so I couldn’t resist the chance to shine more light on the need to expand college opportunities further. Both of my parents, several close friends and many of my esteemed colleagues were first-generation college students so I know and I know it makes a magnificent difference in the lives of so many.

What are you most excited about in your new role?

The successes of TRIO alumni and the enthusiasm of student services professionals lets me know the COE brand brims with stories of positive, high impact. Now it’s my job to ensure these stories get told and I can’t wait to amplify this golden authenticity and lead COE marketing efforts with real people to show the world how seriously this work matters.