Stacey Borboa-Peterson

Stacey Borboa-Peterson


Dr. Stacey Borboa-Peterson, Director of Student Diversity & Inclusion


Speaker Bio:


Stacey Borboa-Peterson has worked for the University of North Dakota for the last 14 years and during that time, has worked in TRIO Upward Bound, the Student Success Center, and currently serves as the director of Student Diversity & Inclusion. The positions in which she has served, all center around student support and advocacy. Prior to being at UND, Stacey was a middle school educator in Las Vegas and Minneapolis, working specifically with English language learners and students with emotional behavior disorders. 

 Stacey earned her undergraduate degree in elementary education at Mayville State University, her masters in elementary education at the University of North Dakota, and her doctorate in Educational Foundations and Research at the University of North Dakota. Her passion for this work began when she was a newly qualified educator working in schools with disparaging differences (teachers, support staff, critical facilities, technology, instructional materials, etc.) from those in which she was educated. She always believed that schools were to be places where young people experienced the principles of love, equity, and opportunity, and quickly realized that was not everyone’s experience. Equity and inclusion in education became her focus, regardless of the professional position in which she worked. It continues to be the reason Stacey does this work.