James Prince

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James Prince

Director of TRIO Partnerships, Nucleus


James Prince, Jr. attended Richland County District Schools in Columbia, SC, and was a participant in the University of South Carolina (UofSC) Upward Bound Program while
in secondary school. After graduating from C. A. Johnson High School, he attended the University of South Carolina, where he participated in the Opportunity Scholars
Program, traditionally called Student Support Services.

As a TRIO student, James became interested in providing pathways for other TRIO students. He became a mentor/tutor for U of SC Upward Bound Program from his sophomore year until graduation. After graduating with his undergraduate degrees in African-American Studies and Media Arts, James became an Upward Bound instructor at the university and accepted a full-time position as a Pre-College Advisor for the Educational Talent Search Program.

In preparation for graduate study in Savannah, Georgia, he accepted a position as the Educational Specialist for Savannah State University’s Upward Bound Program, where he served Savannah School District schools. He returned to Columbia to begin as an intern with the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and later became the Lead Counselor for U of SC’s Educational Talent Search Program. In 2011, James was asked to manage the UofSC Upward Bound Program as Assistant Director, a position he always dreamed of attaining.

In 2013, he completed his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. He also became active in his state TRIO association, serving as its regional representative, Vice President, and President. After serving as TRIO personnel for over 16 years, James now serves as the Director of TRIO Partnerships with Nucleus Robotics. As the Director, he is a project manager supervising company projects focused on TRIO initiatives and helps manage and create national TRIO partnerships. He affords his accomplishments to TRIO and its immeasurable influence on both his educational and professional successes.