Igniting the Fire for Online Learning Through Gamification

Igniting the Fire for Online Learning Through Gamification

Igniting the Fire for Online Learning Through Gamification

Samantha Hill

Session Description (and Abstract):


Through research-validated methods and the use of free and inexpensive platforms and technology, Weber State Upward Bound led students on an adventure through gamification during the online summer 2020 program. Leave with ideas and strategies for building your own gamification system for embracing positivity and accomplishment with your students!



Participants in this session will learn the basics behind the concept of gamification based on techniques and ideas developed over the past few years at Weber State University (WSU) Upward Bound. The challenges of online programming for Summer 2020 presented a perfect opportunity for a trial run of gamification to encourage investment and engagement with distance learning for WSU Upward Bound students. This session will serve as a summary of concepts and strategies employed during Summer 2020, as well as results and lessons learned so that attendees will take away ideas and structured plans for building their own gamification systems with their students. In this lecture/roundtable discussion, the presenter will also discuss how the positive reinforcement methods that serve as the foundation for gamification may work best with underrepresented student populations, and how to use gamification to create a culture of positivity for maximizing student success in all TRIO programs. This presentation is based largely on a practical framework but is supported by research-validated methods in positive reinforcement.


ASPIRE 2020 Virtual Conference

The Conference will be conducted virtually via Zoom. Prior to the conference, all fully registered and paid attendees will receive access to the agenda and Zoom links.